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WNB One Radio’s premier platform dedicated to beauty, fashion, womanhood, and business. 


At Luxury Tax, we believe that successful & confident women should be celebrated. Our show is designed to highlight the journeys of four influential and accomplished women in New Bedford, MA who are on their own journeys, yet come together through their love for the latest fashion trends, beauty routines and self-care tips. Our goal is to help women and young ladies feel confident and inspired to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


Haling from one our country’s most historically wealthy founding cities, New Bedford, MA, the lovely ladies of Luxury Tax looks to represent local Massachusetts businesses at the 2024 American Black Film Festival in Miami, FL.

MIA Overview

The American Black Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to empowering Black talent and showcasing film and television content by and about people of African descent. Dedicated to the belief that diverse artists deserve the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts, ABFF Founder Jeff Friday conceived the festival in 1997 as a vehicle to strengthen the Black entertainment community by fostering resource sharing, education and artistic collaboration.


Twenty-seven years later, the ABFF has become a cornerstone of diversity in Hollywood, providing a platform for emerging Black artists – many of whom have become today’s most successful actors, producers, writers, directors and stand-up comedians. It is widely considered the preeminent pipeline for Black artists in front of and behind the camera, and has significantly expanded the range of talent working in the entertainment Industry.


As “the world’s largest community of Black film and TV enthusiasts”, the festival draws a live audience of 5,000+ persons to Miami Beach, as well as more than 35,000 virtual attendees on the ABFF PLAY platform. The live festival opens with a Hollywood release followed by a robust lineup of studio premieres, independent films, master classes, panels, talent showcases, and a variety of networking and hospitality events. The virtual segment follows the live festival featuring screenings and panels, reaching an audience spanning across 123 countries.


The 28th annual ABFF will be held in Miami Beach, June 12-16, 2024, and on ABFF PLAY from June 17-24.


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Luxury Tax is excited to bring our platform, talents, and network to this year’s film festival Miami.


With Full VIP Access to each and every event, the opportunities to network and create high quality content will be endless.

Check out what the ladies will be up to.

  • Opening & Closing Film Events

  • VIP Pre-Festival Reception

  • Live Entertainment

  • Celebrity Panel Discussions

  • Spotlight Screeners

  • 2024 ABFF Gala

  • Access Online Activities

MIA Expectations


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  • Instagram
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MIA Sponsorship

Our Luxury Living partnership program is an innovative and exciting marketing opportunity that offers businesses:


  • Brand Exposure Beyond Local Market

  • Exclusive High Quality Original Content

  • Unique Product/Brand Placement

  • Brand Differentiation Strategies

  • Model Representation of Products or Services

  • Targeted Advertising & Promotion


Our onsite WNB One Production team has over ten years of experience in developing creative advertising solutions and content creation. The Luxury Living program presents immense value for growing brands with a lack mobility, flexibility, and limited budget. 


Our program objective is to help connect growing and existing brands to their respective target audiences everywhere we go. By leveraging our VIP Access and established network, we’re able to take participating businesses on a Brand Trip©, where we capture product/service engagement, audience representation, exclusive brand-related content though photography & videography.


Through our comprehensive and affordable partnership opportunities, you’ll be able to focus on running your business while investing in the growth of your business simultaneously.


Film and produce creative content specific for your brand.


Receive professionally captured & edited product and product engagement images.


Experience an increase in brand exposure, public interest, and public awareness.


Receive a collection of unique quality content options that can be used for social media posting.

We have 100% absolute confidence in our ability to produce worthwhile content to help you grow your business. Our benefit offerings allow you to appropriately scale your needs according to what you can manage. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, special request, or would like to talk through the listed opportunities.


  • Logo placement in produced of Luxury Tax Video

  • Tagged & mentioned in original content for cross advertising, marketing, and social media use


  • Logo placement in produced of Luxury Tax Video

  • Product placement in produced of Luxury Video

  • Tagged & mentioned in original content for cross advertising, marketing, and social media use


  • Logo placement in produced of Luxury Tax Video

  • Product placement in produced of Luxury Video

  • Full length (60-90 seconds) commercial to promote your brand (business or personal) - POST TRIP

  • Tagged & mentioned in original content for cross advertising, marketing, and social media use

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